• DIY Carpet Cleaning vs. Professional Carpet Cleaning

    6th May 2016
  • Have you be thinking about giving your carpets a deep clean?
    Wondering if you should rent a machine and do it yourself?
    Would that be better than calling in the pros?

    No doubt taking the DIY approach to carpet cleaning will save you a few bucks but is it really worth it?
    Read the following infographic for a comical but insightful look at the pros and cons of DIY versus Professional carpet cleaning.


    By renting a carpet cleaning machine and doing the job yourself, you may save some money in the short term. But, unless you have

    • the time to do the job,
    • the strength to deal with heavy machinery,
    • the patience to figure out how to use the machine,
    • the understanding that rental cleaners are less powerful and less effective,
    • the acceptance that the results are likely to be less than desired,

    ...you'll find that the short term monetary savings are just not worth it!

    Save yourself the headaches of DIY carpet cleaning by
    spending on a professional Deep Cleaning from Blenheim Carpet Care.

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