• Why Deep Clean Your Carpets Regularly

  • Many people do not realise just how dirty their carpet (and upholstery) really is. They think that if it looks clean, then it is clean. Unfortunately, this is very deceptive thinking. The reality is that what we see is just the surface of our carpet and there's a lot more going on beneath that surface.

  • The image above highlights some of the things that can be found in the carpets of many homes and offices.
    Which of them do YOU think can be effectively removed by regular vacuuming ALONE?

    No doubt, you'd agree that vacuuming leaves behind a large portion of these unpleasant and potentially harmful substances in your carpets. If left unchecked, your health and the health of those you care about will eventually be adversely affected.

  • Vacuuming ≠ Carpet Cleaning

    Even if you vacuumed your carpets every single day,
    you wouldn't be able to remove all the things that end up in it!

    Experts Recommend a Professional Carpet Cleaning Every 12-18 Months!

  • In addition to vacuuming at least once a week, you should also have a regular schedule for deep cleaning your carpets. In many cases, 12 - 18 months is good enough.

    However, we recommend a professional deep clean more often if

    • you have pets,
    • you have small children,
    • you or family members suffer from allergies.
  • Most Effective Method of Deep Carpet Cleaning

    Studies have shown that the Steam Cleaning (aka Hot Water Extraction) method is by far the most effective way to get unwanted matter out of carpets.

    Most, if not all, carpet warranties recommend you have your carpet PROFESSIONALLY cleaned every 12-18 months. The deep cleaning method recommended most by top carpet manufacturers is the Hot Water Extraction method. A closer look at your carpet warranty may reveal that you can void your carpet warranty by NOT getting a Professional Steam Cleaning in the stipulated time-frame.

  • Benefits of Regularly Deep Cleaning Your Carpets

    Deep cleaning your carpets on a regular basis can:

    • remove all types of stains
    • remove unpleasant odours
    • improve the indoor air quality
    • remove harmful allergens from the carpet

    Examples of pollutants extracted via steam cleaning

    • fine particles not removed by vacuuming
    • pesticides and herbicides used in and around the house and gardens.
    • combustion by-products from cooking, wood, candle and tobacco smoke.
    • heavy metals such as lead, cadmium (a known Carcinogen) and arsenic found in outside soil dusts.

    In addition to promoting good health, cleaning protects the carpet material itself.

    Soil is the primary cause of premature carpet wear. Particles of soil work their way down to the carpet’s backing and act as a grinding compound. As the carpet is walked on, these particles actually cut the fibers. This process eventually causes fiber loss and results in bare areas and tracking, giving your carpet that unsightly look.

    When you schedule regular maintenance for your car or your home,

    • you prolong its lifespan,
    • you make it more enjoyable to use, and
    • you protect your health and that of your loved ones.

    The same holds true for your carpet, rugs and upholstery as well!
    So, don't delay...

    Schedule Your Next Deep Clean TODAY!