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  • Our Deep Cleaning Services

  • carpet-cleaning
  • Carpet Cleaning

    Carpet Steam Cleaning By Blenheim Carpet Care

    Experts recommend a Professional Carpet Cleaning every 12-18 months.

    The deep cleaning method most recommended by carpet makers is the Hot Water Extraction method, also known as the Steam Cleaning method.

    With regular Steam Cleaning, your carpets will not only look good but they will be clean deep down. Steam cleaning results in a significant reduction of dirt, dust and other allergy-causing substances in the carpet.

    When thinking carpet cleaning, don't forget your mats or special rugs. Bring them back to life with a steam clean by Blenheim Carpet Care.

    Your health, your family and your carpets will thank you for it!

  • upholstery-cleaning
  • Upholstery Cleaning

    Upholstery Steam Cleaning By Blenheim Carpet Care

    Have your furniture and other upholstery begun to look a bit tired, dingy and lackluster?

    Then it's time to spruce them up with a bout of steam cleaning. This will deep clean and refresh your furniture.

    Steam cleaning will get deep down and remove dry soil contaminants like

    • Household dust,
    • Food crumbs,
    • Hair oils,
    • Dry skin,
    • Soils/dust from outside,
    • and more.

    At Blenheim Carpet Care, we specialise in deep cleaning ALL types of upholstery:

    • Chairs: dining chairs, arm chairs, etc.
    • Mattresses: all shapes and sizes
    • Sofas & Lounge suites
    • Vehicle upholstery: car seats, door panels, boot area, etc.

    Regular steam cleaning will help your furniture last longer!

  • window-cleaning
  • Window Cleaning

    Window Cleaning by Blenheim Carpet Care

    We also offer a window cleaning service (single storey only). This can be done prior to a carpet cleaning or as a standalone job.

  • stain-treatment
  • Stain & Spot Treatment

    Spills and Stains Happen! It just a part of life but...
    they don't have to mean the end of life for your beloved carpet or upholstery!

    The stain-fighting skills of the deep clean specialist at Blenheim Carpet Care are tougher than 98% of common stains. We are equipped with an array of products to remove all types of stains, including:

    • beverage stains,
    • food stains,
    • pet stains,
    • household stains,
    • blood stains,
    • rust stains,
    • most cosmetic stains,
    • even chewing gum.

    Most carpet stains can be removed successfully if treated promptly. However, trying to remove the stain yourself by using normal household products can often cause the stain to become worse.

    If unsure give us a call at Blenheim Carpet Care for some FREE advice.

  • odour-control
  • Carpet Odour Control

    Carpet Odour Control by Blenheim Carpet Care

    Do your carpets stink?
    Have you tried to remove that stench yourself but nothing seems to be working?

    Never fear, the deep clean specialist is at your service!

    Bad smelling carpet can be due to a variety of things including:

    • pet urine
    • mould or mildew
    • cigarette smoke

    We can help neutralize and remove bad odour from your carpet. After a thorough clean of the affected area and if the odour remains, an application of deodorizer or anti-bacterial agent may be used to assist in this process.

    You don't have to live with unpleasant odours. Let us get rid of them for you!

  • flood-restoration
  • Water Damage Restoration & Carpet Drying

    Are you overwhelmed because your home or business has been inundated with unwanted water?

    This is very understandable, but don't despair. You can and will get through this!

    It doesn't matter if the flooding was caused by a burst pipe, a defrosting freezer, or a natural disaster; it is essential that the affected area be treated and dried as quickly as possible to minimise damage.

    If left untreated, water can very quickly provide the right conditions for mould and bacterial growth. It can also result in unsightly staining and potential damage to surrounding timbers.

    The Deep Clean Specialist at Blenheim Carpet Care will start by extracting excess water. Then we'll sanitise the area and apply treatments to help prevent discolouration.

    Depending on the extent of flooding, the carpet may have to be lifted to access the underlay and to assist with the drying process. Air movers and dehumidifiers are used to speed up the drying process.

    Let us help you get your home or work space back to normal!