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  • Vacuuming ≠ Carpet Cleaning

    Even if you vacuumed your carpets EVERY single day,
    you wouldn't be able to remove all the things that end up in it!

    Experts Recommend a Professional Carpet Cleaning Every 12-18 Months!

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  • Your carpet will retain its good looks and last longer if you follow our recommended care routine:
    - Dry vacuum regularly
    - Promptly attend to spills and stains
    - Never rub, brush or massage a wool carpet pile when it is damp or wet.
    - When necessary, have a professional steam clean by a reputable operator.

    Cavalier Bremworth

  • Cleaning must be carried out by professional cleaners that have full knowledge of the equipment and chemicals that they use. Our products are colour fast to New Zealand Standards. We recommend cleaning of the carpet by professional carpet cleaners. Cleaning by hot water extraction (steam cleaning) can produce excellent results provided that it is carried out by a competent and qualified operator.


  • When necessary, a professional deep extraction clean by a reputable company can remove residue and trapped soiling and revive the look of your carpet.

    A deep extraction clean would usually only be necessary every one-two years, however depending on the area of use, and traffic volumes, it may be necessary to perform this task more frequently.

    Irvine International Carpet & Flooring

  • - Carpet should be professionally steam cleaned approximately every 12 - 18 mos.
    - Steam cleaning should be done in accordance with Australian and New Zealand carpet cleaning and maintenance standard AS/NZS3733. Reputable carpet cleaners are aware of and abide by this standard.
    - Shampooing, DIY steam cleaning or dry carpet cleaning is not recommended.
    - Steam cleaning should be performed by a reputable professional carpet steam cleaner.

    Feltex Carpets

  • - Depending on usage, carpet should be professionally steam cleaned every 12-18 months.

    - Steam Cleaning should only be undertaken by a professional carpet cleaner who is a member of a professional association in accordance with Australian/New Zealand Standard AS/NZ 3733:1995.
    - Shampooing, do it yourself steam cleaning or dry cleaning are not recommended.

    Godfrey Hirst Carpets

  • Hot Water Extraction
    This is generally considered the most effective method for overall cleaning of carpets. It is basically a spray and extract system using a weighted head tool or one with integral cylindrically rotating brushes. Shampoo solution is sprayed into the pile of the carpet and vacuumed back into the machine by the vacuum head, which pass immediately behind the sprays.


  • Here are some tips to help you keep your carpet looking great:
    - Vacuum regularly
    - Clean up spills as soon as they happen
    - Scoop up solids before cleaning
    - Blot as much liquid as possible using clean white paper towel
    - Clean using a recommended spot removal agent for the specific stain
    - Rinse with cold or lukewarm water only
    - Blot dry with an absorbent material such as paper towelling or use cold air fan to complete drying
    - Professionally clean as required. Only steam cleaning is recommended – this should generally be done every two years.

    Norman Ellison Carpets

  • If proper maintenance is neglected, the carpets appearance will suffer, minimizing the carpets performance and increasing long term cost.
    A comprehensive carpet maintenance program consists of four elements:
    - Reduction of soil entering the building
    - Removing dry soil
    - Removing spots and spills
    - Cleaning with high performance hot water extraction.

    Clayton Miller

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